Open learning (MOOCs)

Accessing Health Inequalities course on iPad at home

ScHARR runs FREE open learning courses which anyone can register for. These exciting courses take the form of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and are available via the Open University's Futurelearn website.

Other free courses are available from the University of Sheffield on Futurelearn.

ScHARR courses

We have previously run the following open online courses:

Health Technology Assessment (November 2013, July 2014)
This 5-week course introduces you to Health Technology Assessment (HTA) as a concept (what it is, what it involves) and then takes you through the key stages in the HTA and decision-making process.
Health Inequalities (July 2013)
This course explores the issue of health inequalities. It provides an opportunity to examine contemporary interpretations of health inequalities and related concepts like justice, fairness and equity. We discuss how different approaches to measuring, defining and monitoring health inequalities are influenced by social and political factors and how this, in turn, shapes strategies for addressing such inequalities.
Sustainable Healthy Diets (June 2013)
This course introduces you to sustainable diets as a concept (what might a sustainable diet look like, what does it not look like?) and then takes you through some of the challenges involved in choosing food which is both healthy and sustainable.