CUREd Research Database: How to access data or collaborate

The CUREd Research Database is a large and unique linked research database meaning we receive many requests to use CUREd data.


If you are interested in developing a research proposal working with The UOS team or would like to access CUREd data to use in a piece of work you wish to undertake then you will need to complete the online ‘Data Access Request’ (DAR) form outlining your proposal.

Before you contact us, please make sure you have read our Guidance for Collaborators and you have obtained the appropriate ethical approval for the use of secondary data. The CUREd Data Release Committee (DRC) review proposals on a monthly basis and will endeavor to respond to your request as soon as possible. You can find out about the different datasets which are available in the Data Dictionaries (link below). If you are unsure if we have the data that you need please contact

Once you have formulated your request please complete the ‘Data Access Request’ (DAR) form. If you experience difficulties completing the online form, please contact The UOS team and a paper version (Word format) can be sent.

If your request is approved we will ask you to sign a data sharing agreement prior to the transfer of any CUREd data.

Please note, we make charges to cover the costs of managing your application, processing data and providing access. Students may be exempt, please contact The UOS team to discuss.

Further information and related documentation on how to access the CUREd data are available below. This includes a flow chart of the application process and estimated time scales.

CUREd Research Database: CUREd Data Release Committee

The CUREd Data Release Committee (DRC) is the group which reviews all requests for data extracts from the CUREd Research Database.

Controls and procedures are essential to ensure the highest standards are maintained in relation to transparency, accountability, quality and consistency in the management of the CUREd Research Database and its data extracts. The purpose of the CUREd DRC is to provide stewardship to help maintain these standards, as well as providing a voice for stakeholders and the public.

The CUREd DRC also makes general recommendations or observations about project processes, policies, procedures, and documentation.

More information about the CUREd DRC and the review process is provided below.

CUREd DRC Terms of reference
CUREd Data review process flow chart
CUREd DRC Data Request Assessment Process

CUREd DRC membership

The CUREd DRC is made up of a panel of specialist and lay members. Find out more about our members.

Meeting dates

The CUREd DRC meet on a monthly basis in Sheffield. The meeting dates for 2021 are as follows:-

Tuesday 23rd March, 10.00-11.30am

Meeting minutes

The minutes from each CHC DRC meeting are published within a week of the following CUREd DRC meeting. If you have any questions, please contact The UOS Team.

Please note, dates marked with an asterisk (*) indicate meeting was cancelled.


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