Research ethics for staff/PGR

Before beginning any research (funded or unfunded), you should complete the School´s Research Ethics Application form for staff and postgraduate research students. When seeking funding, it is important to consult the guidelines of individual funding bodies as they differ according to whether ethics approval is required before submitting an application. The Schools form contains further guidance on our ethics review procedures.
You must not begin any research until you have written confirmation from the School that your application has been approved.

Research involving human participants

Staff and PGR student (and high risk, UG/PGT student) applications that involve human participants require submission, using the University's on-line ethics system (see link below).
Applications involving human participants require review from the ScHARR Research Ethics Committee which meets monthly (please note that there will be no meeting in August).

If you are a PGR (and high risk, UG/PGT student) you require two independent scientific reviews (ISR) to accompany your application for research ethics review (found in the download box on the right.  One of the scientific reviews can be one of your supervisory team. 

If you are staff you require either: copies of the funder's scientific reviews or, if your research is not funded than three independent scientific reviews which can be from ScHARR staff who are not involved with the research project.

Your ISRs must be done in advance and included in the ethics application.  Any 'required amendments' must be completed to the satisfaction of the reviewers before submitting your application.  We cannot accept incomplete applications.

Applications involving secondary data

Staff and PGR applications involving the use of secondary data now require submission via the online system. These are processed weekly outside the monthly REC meetings.

Please ensure it is clear in your application it is for secondary data only.

On-line Ethics Application System

Please note that ScHARR will only accept applications through the University's on-line ethics system, which means that all Staff and PGR applications (except secondary data) must be submitted via this system and not to the Research Ethics Administrator.

The system can be accessed at the link below and some help documents can be downloaded from the right-hand side of this page: