Inaugural Lectures

All new professors in ScHARR, whether they have been internally promoted or appointed externally, are given the opportunity to give an inaugural lecture. The School's Inaugural Lecture series provides an opportunity to celebrate these achievements with each lecture representing a significant milestone in an academic's career.

'Technology, who cares!?'Luc De Witte

Professor Luc de Witte

Friday 10th March 2017
Lecture Theatre 1, The Diamond

5.15pm-6.30pm followed by a drinks reception

Admission free, but registration is required:

Professor Luc de Witte has recently been appointed within ScHARR to work in the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH). CATCH's mission is to contribute to the sustainability of long-term healthcare in the UK and internationally.

Luc's lecture will take place as part of the Sheffield Festival of Science & Engineering


One of the most challenging trends in today’s healthcare in western societies is the increasing incidence and prevalence of chronic health conditions, paired to a decrease in the number of available healthcare professionals and a relative decrease of available financial means. This trend creates an enormous pressure on our healthcare systems and only few people will disagree with the statement that the sustainability of these systems is at stake. There is a clear need for new models of care and support for people with chronic conditions, including frail older people. Also, in developing low-and middle-income countries, the need for innovative concepts of care and support is increasing, since these countries have to develop healthcare systems that are sustainable and able to deliver cost-effective care for fast growing numbers of people.

Technology can and will play a major role in future health and care, both in western societies and internationally. There has never before been a time in which technology has developed as fast as it does today and in which so much knowledge was available. The potential to develop powerful answers to the challenges in health and care we face is therefore obvious. But, sparking and fostering this potential to the fullest is far from easy. Many new technologies have only lead to increased costs of care instead of more cost-effective sustainable models.

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