ScHARR Deputy Information Governance Manager - Role description

Role Title

Deputy Information Governance Manager

Normal tenure in role

Three years

Process for selection/reselection

A nomination will be put forward by the Information Governance Lead to the Dean for approval following a School-wide internal advertisement for interested parties.

Role overview

To attend the meetings of the School’s Information Governance Committee (IGC)

To liaise with the ScHARR Information Governance Manager (IGM), the Information Governance Lead (IGL) and the Section Information Governance Leads (SIGLs) in the day to day operational management and implementation of IG policy

To liaise with researchers wishing to initiate data access requests (DARs) associated with the ScHARR Toolkit and monitor the process of data sharing agreement approval

To liaise with other IG groups and organisations

To be a point of reference for SIGLs and researchers regarding IG queries

To assist in the management of the responses to messages received via the IG e-mail address

To assist in the review and update IG policies as appropriate

To work with the IGL and the IGM to keep the School information governance policy up to date by monitoring any changes in the research information governance regulatory framework

To work with the IGC Administrator in the preparation and circulation of the IGC minutes and agendas

To work with the IGM to ensure the effective dissemination throughout the School of the IGC’s guidance on information handling

To work with the IGM to monitor the progress in reaching the goals set in the School’s Information Governance Improvement plan

To work with the IGM to ensure that suitable information governance training is made available to all ScHARR staff for the support of their role

To assist in the preparation and submission of the annual IG Toolkit application to NHS Digital with the support of the IGC

To work with the IGM, IGL and IGC Administrator to support monitoring visits from appropriate regulatory or oversight bodies.

Relevant skills and experience essential to the role:

  • Knowledge and experience of information governance related to health research;
  • Experience in reviewing, improving and implementing internal processes;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal;
  • Aptitude for acquiring new skills and knowledge in line with advances in relevant subject areas;
  • Capacity to use initiative and work independently.


Reporting to the IGL and the IGC.