ScHARR Information Governance Manager - Role description

Role Title

Information Governance Manager

Normal tenure in role

Three years

Process for selection/reselection

A nomination will be put forward by the Information Governance Lead to the Dean for approval following a School-wide internal advertisement for interested parties.

Role overview

To be responsible for the day-to-day operational management of research information governance activities within the School.

Main duties/resonsibilities

  • to attend the meetings of the School’s Information Governance committee (IGC);
  • to liaise with the ScHARR Information Governance Lead (IGL) and the Section Information Governance Leads (SIGLs) in the day to day operational management and supervision of the School information governance apparatus;
  • to manage the process by which new projects are added to the School IG Toolkit listing;
  • to liaise with other IG groups and organisations;
  • to be the first point of reference for SIGLs and researchers regarding IG queries;
  • to manage the responses to messages received via the IG e-mail address;
  • to review and update IG policies as appropriate;
  • to work with the IGL to keep the School information governance policy up to date by monitoring for any changes in the research information governance regulatory framework;
  • to work with the IGC Administrator in the preparation and circulation of the IGC minutes and agendas;
  • to ensure the effective dissemination throughout the School of the IGC’s guidance on information handling;
  • to monitor the information handling activities of research and research support staff to ensure their compliance with the law and the policies of the School by organising audits of compliance;
  • to monitor the progress in reaching the goals set in the School’s Information Governance Improvement plan;
  • to ensure that suitable information governance training is made available to all ScHARR staff for the support of their role;
  • to prepare and submit the annual IG Toolkit application to HSCIC with the support of the IGC;
  • to chair IGC meetings on occasions when the IGL is unable to attend;
  • to support monitoring visits from appropriate regulatory or oversight bodies.


Reporting to the IGL and the IGC.