Recently Completed Trials and Studies

Title Chief Investigator Funding Body
3MG (Magnesium sulphate for treatment of severe acute asthma) Prof Steve Goodacre
MCRU Emergency & Immediate Care, ScHARR
Health Technology Assessment
BEADS: Behavioural Activiation therapy for Depression After Stroke Shirley Thomas, Division of Rehabilitation & Ageing, University of Nottingham Health Technology Assessment
Booster Trial: A randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness evaluation of 'booster' interventions to sustain increases in physical activity in middle-aged adults in deprived urban neighbourhoods Prof Liddy Goyder
Public Health, ScHARR
Health Technology Assessment
CACTUS (Computerised assisted language therapy pilot study) Dr Rebecca Palmer
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
Research for Patient Benefit
CoSMoS: CBT Software for the treatment of depression in people with MS Dr Cindy Cooper
MS Society Symptom Relief Research Initiative
DAVROS: Development and validation of risk-adjusted outcomes for systems of emergency medical care Prof Steve Goodacre
MCRU Emergency & Immediate Care, ScHARR
Medical Research Council
DiPALS - A Randomised Controlled Trial Evaluating NeuRx/4 Diaphragm Pacing in Patients with Respiratory Muscle Weakness Due to Motor Neurone Disease Dr Chris McDermott, Sheffield Institute of Translational Neuroscience NIHR Health Technology Assessment
HubBLe - Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (HAL) versus Rubber Band Ligation (RBL) for haemorrhoids Steven Brown,
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Health Technology Assessment
HydroDMD - Hydrotherapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD): a pilot and feasibility randomised controlled trial in children Dr Peter Baxter,
Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust
Health Technology Assessment
Lifestyle Matters Professor Gail Mountain, ScHARR, The University of Sheffield Medical Research Council
PLEASANT - Preventing and Lessening Exacerbations of Asthma in School-age children Associated with a New Term Prof Steven Julious, ScHARR, The University of Sheffield NIHR Health Technology Assessment
PLINY (Putting Life in Years): Evaluation of the Comparative Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness of an Intervention to Promote Mental Wellbeing in Community Living Older People Prof Gail Mountain
Health Services Research, ScHARR
NIHR Public Health Research Programme
PRACTICE: Pulmonary Rehabilitation and ACTIvity after COPD Exacerbations Dr Rodney Hughes
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Health Technology Assessment
RATPAC: Randomised Assessment of Treatment using Panel Assay of Cardiac markers Prof Steve Goodacre
MCRU Emergency & Immediate Care, ScHARR
Health Technology Assessment
REEACT: The randomised evaluation of the effectiveness and acceptability of computerised therapy.

Ref: J06-021

Dr Simon Gilbody, University of York Health Technology Assessment
REPOSE - The Relative Effectiveness of Pumps over MDI and Structured Education for Type-1 Diabetes Professor Simon Heller, School of Medicine, The University of Sheffield Health Technology Assessment
SABRE: Hypertonic Saline in Acute Bronchiolitis: A Randomised Controlled Trial and Economic Evaluation Kelechi Ugonna, Sheffield Children's Hospital Health Technology Assessment
TABUL (The role of ultrasound compared to biopsy of tempural arteries in the diagnosis and treatment of giant cell arteritis) Dr Raashid Luqmani, University of Oxford Health Technology Assessment
TiM: Telehealth in Motor Neurone Disease Dr. Chris McDermott, University of Sheffield National Institute for Health Research