Dr Jessica Wright's publications

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Journal articles

  • Wallace S, Gourna E, Laurie G, Shoush O & Wright J (2016) Respecting Autonomy Over Time: Policy and Empirical Evidence on Re-Consent in Longitudinal Biomedical Research. Bioethics, 30(3), 210-217. View this article in WRRO
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  • Elger BS, Iavindrasana J, Lo Iacono L, Müller H, Roduit N, Summers P & Wright J (2010) Strategies for health data exchange for secondary, cross-institutional clinical research. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 99(3), 230-251.
  • Wright J, Ploem C, Śliwka M & Gevers S (2010) Regulating Tissue Research: Do we need additional rules to protect research participants?. European Journal of Health Law, 17, 455-469.
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  • Wright J (2006) Xenotransplantation: Law and Ethics. SCRIPT-ed, 3(4), 491-492.


  • Wright J, Wickins-Drazilova D, Townend D & Taylor MJ (2012) Privacy interests in biobanking: A preliminary view on a European perspective, Principles and Practice in Biobank Governance (pp. 137-160).
  • Taylor MJ, Townend D & Wickins (2009) Privacy Interests in Biobanking: A Preliminary View on a European Perspective In Kaye J & Stranger M (Ed.), Principles and Practice in Biobank Governance (pp. 137-161). Ashgate Publishing Company
  • Rouillé-Mirza S & Wright J (2004) Comparative Study on the Implementation and Effect of Directive 95/46/EC on Medical Research in Europe In Beyleveld D, Townend D, Wright J & Rouillé-Mirza S (Ed.), The Data Protection Directive and Medical Research Across Europe Gower Publishing, Ltd.

Edited books

  • Beyleveld D, Townend D & Wright J (Eds.) (2006) Research Ethics Committees, Data Protection and Medical Research in European Countries. Ashgate Publishing Ltd.
  • Beyleveld D, Townend D, Wright J & Rouillé-Mirza S (Eds.) (2005) The Data Protection Directive and Medical Research Across Europe. Ashgate Publishing Ltd.