Our aim in CTRU is to provide efficient and effective support at each stage of a clinical trial - from the
proposal through to the completion and dissemination of trial results - and we are always looking
for ways in which we can improve our services.

Here is what some of our collaborators have said about their experience working with us:

"The Sheffield CTU have provided wonderful support to the STEPWISE study. Despite the complexity of the trial, the CTU managed the trial with aplomb allowing the project to run to time and within budget. What a great team!”

-- Richard Holt (Professor in Diabetes & Endocrinology, University of Southampton)

"The support I've received for DiPEP has been absolutely fantastic. It has been very efficient and has taken a lot of complex, bureaucratic tasks off my hands leaving me free to focus on undertaking high quality research."

-- Steve Goodacre (Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Sheffield)

"Its been excellent - highly professional and expert. Without the CTRU the whole project would never have got started. In particular [...] at the proposal stage and [...] project manager have been outstanding."

-- Peter Baxter (Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Sheffield Children's Hospital)

"CTRU provides a rigorous environment for undertaking complex interventions...I have confidence in the CTRU processes from the minute we start preparing the bid, as the highest quality expertise are to hand immediately."

-- Gail Mountain (Professor of Applied Dementia Research, Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Transfer, University of Bradford)

'I am very happy to say what a pleasure it is working with the team. The REPOSE trial has been conducted superbly and putting in the DAFNEplus application was made so much easier with help on the costings and helping coordinate the application and responses to CCF.'

-- Simon Heller (Professor of Clinical Diabetes, University of Sheffield)