On 8th November 2017, Munya Dimiaro, Lizzie Coates and Sarah Gonzalez from CTRU ran the final meeting of the Adaptive Designs CONSORT Extension (ACE) project in London. This NIHR CTU funded project aims to develop a consensus driven reporting guideline for adaptive designs via a CONSORT extension.

Twenty-seven international delegates (including the ACE Steering Committee members, see left) representing the UK, USA, Switzerland, Japan and Austria attended a full day meeting to review and vote upon items to be included in the proposed CONSORT extension for adaptive designs. Professor Deborah Ashby from Imperial College London was the independent chair of the meeting, which had cross-sector and multidisciplinary representation, including clinical investigators, trial statisticians, regulators, journal editors, systematic reviewers, methodologists and members of the CONSORT Executive.

The ACE project is currently in the write-up stage and aims to publish the revised CONSORT checklist across a number of medical journals later this year.

If you have any questions about ACE, please don’t hesitate to contact Munya Dimairo.