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CTRU and ScHARR staff have been awarded a five-year programme grant by the NIHR, Programme Grants for Applied Research. The aim of the programme is to Develop and evaluate an intervention to support Adherence to treatment in adults with Cystic Fibrosis (ACtiF).

The lead applicant (Chief Investigator), Dr Martin Wildman (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals) and joint lead applicant Professor Alicia O’Cathain (ScHARR) collaborated with a number of colleagues including those from ScHARR (Professor Stephen Walters, Professor Jon Nicholl, Dr Daniel Hind, Dr Paul Tappenden and Daniel Beever), Sheffield Hallam University and University of Manchester to win this £2 million grant.

This complex behaviour change intervention (BCI) will include the development of a web-portal “cfhealthhub” to capture adherence data from patient’s nebulisers and display this to clinicians and patients with CF (PWCF). Cfhealthhub will facilitate a range of evidence-based interventions including problem solving and setting implementation plans to increase treatment adherence.

A number of distinct work packages will develop the BCI which will be trialled initially in a two centre pilot and feasibility study (starting May 2016). The Pilot trial will recruit 40 participants with the aim of assessing feasibility of recruitment to the main RCT and acceptability of the intervention. If successful, this will be followed by a 12 centre Randomised Controlled Trial (starting August 2017). The large scale RCT plans to recruit 560 PWCF to assess the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the BCI. Outcomes will include a measurement of change in CF exacerbations as well as other patient reported outcomes.

Other DTS and CTRU staff involved in the ACtiF include Chin Maguire (Trial Manager), Hannah Cantrill (Research Assistant), Helen Wakefield (Trial Support Officer) and Amanda Loban (Data Manager). Please contact Chin for any further information.

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