MND is a rapidly progressive, fatal neurological disease with no known cure. Many people with MND experience distress due to the disease's nature, impact and outlook. ACT is a form of talking therapy that helps people to learn new ways of handling distressing thoughts and feelings. It also helps people to develop ways of taking part in activities that are important and meaningful to them. The COMMEND project (NIHR HTA 16/81/010) includes two phases. Phase 1 will adapt ACT for people with MND and test the acceptability and feasibility of the adapted ACT intervention and whether it is possible to conduct a larger study. Phase 2 will involve a randomised controlled trial to examine whether ACT plus usual care improves psychological health in people with MND compared to usual care alone.

COMMEND is managed by Sheffield Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU), sponsored by University College London.

Chief Investigator: Rebecca Gould, University College London

Co-CI: Christopher McDermott (SITraN), The University of Sheffield
Other Sheffield Investigators: Pamela Shaw (SITraN), Tracey Young (HEDS), Mike Bradburn (CTRU), David White (CTRU).