Celebrating 25 years of CONI

Mike Campbell at CONI Event

Mike Campbell, ScHARR's professor of Medical Statistics, recently attended an event at St James' Palace to celebrate 25 years of the Care of Next Infant (CONI) Project.  The event, which was attended by HRH the Duchess of Gloucester, was to commemorate the charity funded through the Lullaby Trust for families who have suffered a sudden infant death.

Professor Campbell said, "The Care of the Next Infant project was set up by the well known paediatric pathology John Emery 25 years ago in Sheffield.  It intended to provide monitoring of babies and reassurance for parents who had had a previous sudden infant death (also known as cot death).

It was funded by the charity Foundation for the Study of Infant Death, subsequently renamed the Lullaby Trust.  I had previously worked on the statistics of cot deaths and so was invited to join the scientific steering committee in 2008.  In particular I have examined what was the risk of a subsequent death, given the circumstances of the parents."

For more information about CONI and the Lullaby Trust, visit their website.