NIHR Research Methods Fellow - Laura Flight


Laura Flight started in ScHARR in October as a NIHR Research Methods Fellow which was awarded to Steven Julious and Steve Goodacre (Health Services Research).  The fellowship provides a great opportunity to continue studying whilst gaining experience of being a medical statistician.

In the last year Laura has started an MSc in Medical Statistics and been involved in a number of different projects in ScHARR.  The main focus of Laura's research is on adaptive designs in emergency medicine clinical trials and she is currently carrying out an audit of emergency medicine trials to determine how many could have used adaptive methods.

Other research Laura is undertaking includes: an individual patient data meta-analysis; an investigation of the properties of the kappa statistic; a series of tutorials in sample sizes and another audit on adaptive designs! Over the summer Laura will be managing an intern - also funded by the NIHR as part of the same grant - who will be working on their own research project and getting an insight into life as a medical statistician.