In August 2017 Journeying through Dementia (JtD) received agreement from NIHR HTA to progress with the remainder of the trial, passing the stop-go criteria. To achieve this, the project recruited 127 participants across six pilot sites, identified at least two facilitators at each site, and had no intervention groups start with less than four participants registered.

JtD currently has nine recruiting sites across the UK. Many of these are now in their second wave of recruitment and each site will deliver between two to four waves of the JtD intervention, which includes four one-to-one sessions and 12 weeks of group sessions.

As of September 2017, 325 participants have given consent to be part of the study. 68% of participants also have a participating supporter, even though this is optional and the participant can take part in the study without one.

The project is aiming to randomise 486 participants in total into the study, and is now setting up new sites to ensure that number is reached within the project timelines.
Funding Acknowledgement: This study is funded by the NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme (project number 14/140/80).