Promoting excellence in health care resource allocation decisions

HEDS makes major contributions in areas that include the valuation of health, the analysis of health policy, welfare and equity, technology appraisal, evidence synthesis, econometrics and information sciences

New ScHARR Short Courses Videos

Each of our short courses now has a course video where you can find out what the course covers, who it is suitable for and who the course tutors are. There's a playlist of all the videos on our ScHARRVids Youtube Channel.

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HEDS/HSR Mental Health assessment PROM

The Recovering Quality of Life (ReQoL) tool has now been adopted by the NHS in many areas and aims to engage more fully with people experiencing mental health issues to provide a more meaningful assessment than focusing on symptoms alone.

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Manipulating EuroQoL

HEDS Professor Aki Tsuchiya has led research which raises questions about the validity of EQ-5D(-5L) classification system used globally to measure health status in surveys, clinical studies and evaluation of healthcare service delivery.

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