Promoting excellence in health care resource allocation decisions

HEDS makes major contributions in areas that include the valuation of health, the analysis of health policy, welfare and equity, technology appraisal, evidence synthesis, econometrics and information sciences

ScHARR Outcomes launches website

ScHARR Outcomes is a group of leading international researchers in the area of measuring and valuing health, quality of life and wellbeing, particularly for use in health technology assessment.

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New generation of PhD researchers to tackle the world's biggest public health issues

£5 million funding for a new PhD programme in public health economics at the University of Sheffield to address the world's most critical public health issues A new generation of 35 students will conduct research that will inform public health policy and decision making at a global level

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Sheffield Postgraduate Scholarships

Scholarships worth £10,000 each for candidates from under-represented groups offered to widen post-graduate participation at TUoS.

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