Preparation for the Re-valuation of the EQ-5D Tariff (PRET) project: Overview of methods for project stages 1-3

A Tsuchiya, B Mulhern, on behalf of the PRET project team


Preparatory study for the Re‐valuation of the EQ5D Tariff (PRET) and PRET ‐ Additional Sample (PRET‐AS) are two associated research projects. The aim of this methods paper is to outline the methodological issues and the study design used in these two projects. PRET has four stages, stage 1 includes an on‐line survey investigating a range of methodological factors relating to health state valuation; stage 2 involves a comparison of the on‐line and face‐to‐face administration of health state valuation questions; stage 3 uses face‐to‐face interviews to investigate respondents’ opinions of various health state valuation methodologies, and the strategies and processes involved in answering the questions. Stage 4 refines the protocol. This methods paper addresses the first three of these four stages. In addition, PRET‐AS is an on‐line survey that is added to stage 1 of PRET. The programme of research will inform key aspects of the upcoming EQ‐5D re‐valuation studies.