How can licenses for the Health Measures be obtained?

Available measures are copyrighted and are available on a license basis.

There are three forms of license:

  • A license is available free of charge for all non-commercial applications including work funded by research councils, Government agencies and charities.
  • For commercial applications there will be a per study license (e.g. clinical trial), though an open license for a fixed period is available.
  • The SF-6D measure is being used in software available from Quality Metric. (

Income generated from the charges will go into a University based research fund.

For the CHU9D, please complete the form for either a commercial or non commercial application.

For all other measures, to obtain more information about obtaining licences please complete the specific request form for either commercial or non commercial applications.

Licenses are available for the following Measures:


SPVU-5D (evaluates the health related quality of life impact of venous ulceration treatments)

CAT-QOL (Children’s Amblyopia Treatment Quality of Life Questionnaire)

CHU-9D (Paediatric Quality of Life)

EORTC-8D (enables widely used cancer measure EORTC QLQ-C30 data to be used to directly calculate QALYs)

For all other enquiries please contact