Valuation Surveys in Other Countries

There is emerging evidence that SG health state values differ between countries for SG. There have been valuation surveys completed in Japan, Hong Kong, Portugal, Brazil and Spain using similar methods to those used in UK. Details on these surveys can be found in the publications listed at the bottom of this note. Surveys have also been undertaken in Australia and Singapore, but the results have yet to be published.

Researchers interested in using the SF-6D in these countries should contact the names listed below:-


Rosalie Viney:
Brendan Mulhern:


Marcelo Fleck:

Hong Kong

Cindy Lam:
Sarah McGhee:


Shunichi Fukuhara:


Lara Nobre Noronha Ferreira:
Pedro Lopes Ferreira:


Nan Luo:


José María Abellán:

Publications on valuation surveys conducted in other countries

Lam CLK, Brazier J, McGhee SM. Valuation of the SF-6D health states is feasible, acceptable, reliable and valid in a Chinese population. Value in Health 2008;11:295-303.

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Méndez I, Abellán JM, Sanchez FI, Martinez JE.  Inverse probability weighted estimation of social tariffs: An illustration using SF-6D value sets.  Journal of Health Economics 2011: 30; 1280-1292.