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A word from the Director

Simon Dixon

Here’s the HEDS Winter Newsletter – perfect for keeping up to date with our work and also as a handy emergency Christmas present for a loved one. The two headline acts in this festival of news are ReQoL and the NICE Decision Support Unit.

ReQoL, which is a new patient reported outcome measure for people with mental health conditions, was launched this summer. As well as being an important development for mental health researchers, it represents a new direction for PROMs and Health Economics researchers as it is a ‘dual instrument’ – it was developed to accommodate both conventional psychometric scaling and utility valuation. Let’s see how many other instrument developers follow this lead.

The Decision Support Unit (DSU), on the other hand, is knocking on a bit. But in the midst of celebrating its 14th birthday, its Director – Professor Allan Wailoo – can now celebrate a contract renewal that will keep it going until April 2019. The DSU is a relatively small unit, but highly influential through its work on Technical Support Documents and the NICE Technology Appraisal Programme’s Methods Guide. It also serves to keep us at the forefront of methodological research and policy development.

“And what about the supporting acts?” I hear you say. Well, there’s important methodological work on model structuring by Hazel Squires, new Fellowships on predicting future outcomes and cancer modelling for Ben Kearns and Rachid Rafia, and a summary of our presentations and workshops at ISPOR. And let’s not forget an update on our MOOCs…these are now regular fixtures in our training calendar.

Finally, if you can’t wait another six months to find out what we’ve been up to, keep an eye on the HEDS Blog which is closing in on 200,000 hits. But still nobody from North Dakota.

Simon Dixon, Director of HEDS

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