MSc Economics and Health Economics alumni at Health Economists' Study Group conference

HESG group photoThe Health Economists’ Study Group, popularly known as HESG, exists to support and promote the work of health economists. It was founded in 1972 and is therefore the oldest organisation of its type in health economics and remains one of the largest.

HESG has become a popular UK-based conference for health economists from around the world. Its innovative conference design includes a chair to facilitate the seminars, an author who has submitted a draft paper, and a discussant who presents and discusses the paper. This ‘study group’ design provides in-depth and open discussion of draft papers in order to aid the authors to finally publish or progress work of interest to the health economist community.

HESG takes place twice a year: winter (January) and summer (June). At the winter HESG meeting in Birmingham this year (2017), a milestone event took place: the chair, author and discussant for a seminar session were all alumni of the MSc Economics and Health Economics (E&HE) degree course (jointly run between ScHARR and the Department of Economics), University of Sheffield. Course director, Prof. Aki Tsuchiya, comments that it “Took us 14 years to reach this point, but I am very proud…”. The paper titled “Modelling Expenditure and demand & supply for inpatient services” was submitted by lead author Luke Munford (MRC Skills Development Research Fellow at the University of Manchester Centre for Health Economics), discussed by Zoe Firth (Economics Analyst at The Health Foundation) and chaired by Matthew Franklin (Research Fellow at HEDS, ScHARR). Matthew Franklin comments that “it was great acknowledging how the MSc E&HE had set each of us up with the skills to obtain careers as health economists and develop work worthy of discussion at HESG. Although we each do slightly different research or analysis now, we all started our careers with the same MSc”.

The next HESG conference takes place at the University of Aberdeen, 28th – 30th June 2017.