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MSc International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing & Reimbursement

This is the only online, international graduate programme offering the entire range of knowledge and skills needed by those developing health technologies for market, or involved in commissioning or evaluating health technologies.

Using innovative, online learning materials, the programme is suited to those with busy work commitments in these fields.

The course is suited to those working in the pharmaceutical, medical devices or diagnostics industries worldwide, or within health technology policy formulation, management and evidence-based commissioning and purchasing. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the processes and contexts of markets, pricing and customers needed for new product development in multiple jurisdictions.

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MSc Health Economics and Decision Modelling

In the current economic climate with all health care systems facing resource constraints, the importance and use of health technology assessment (HTA) and health economic modelling is rapidly increasing as governments, insurers, healthcare organisations and the pharmaceutical industry recognise the need to estimate the costs, clinical outcomes and benefits of alternative healthcare technologies.

The MSc in Health Economics and Decision Modelling (HEDM) aims to develop students to be working professionals in HTA, decision modelling and health economic evaluation, capable of working immediately in health economics and outcomes research consultancies, university-based HTA centres, pharmaceutical and medical companies, healthcare and government organisations, or progressing in an academic career to PhD and further research.

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MSc Economics & Health Economics

This MSc programme is run jointly with the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield.

This course advances your analytical skills and technical capabilities in health economics. It then examines ways in which your skills can be used to address the important issues and problems involved in allocating resources in the health sector. It is aimed at students who wish to pursue careers as applied economists in the health sector or who wish to continue with academic research.

There is studentship funding available for a limited number of Home and EU MSc Economics & Health Economics students from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Click here.