HEDS deliver critical appraisal training for Public Health England

WWGSHEDS was commissioned to provide six critical appraisal courses for Public Health England. Four half-day courses equipped participants with the skills they need to be competent users of research: two courses focussing on qualitative research while the other two focused on quantitative studies such as RCTs. All courses were designed to help participants to understand two key issues in research quality internal validity - is the research methodologically sound and accurate? and external validity - does the research help us with our own patients/decision making? Two further full-day ‘Training the Trainer’ courses were delivered to refresh participants’ critical appraisal skills and help them to become confident teachers too.

The courses ran at locations across the UK during February and March and were led by by Angie Rees (HEDS) with support from various HEDS staff including Sue Harnan, Chris Carroll and Jean Hamilton.

Participants came from a variety of backgrounds from analysts to dieticians, and consultants to information specialists. The enthusiasm of the participants made the courses great fun to teach and it was great to hear about the different work the PHE undertakes too.