Upcoming Short Courses

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Dates Course Title Course Content
4th - 6th September 2017 Evidence Synthesis of Qualitative Research in Europe (ESQUIRE) The course will follow the systematic review process as it applies, and is adapted to, qualitative evidence synthesis. The Programme Faculty will take participants through the stages of defining and exploring scope, conducting the literature searches, quality assessing studies for inclusion, synthesising data and writing up and presenting the product of the synthesis. Participants will be provided with practical experience of key stages in the review process.
5th October 2017 A Guide to Doing Mixed Methods Studies in the Health Sciences The course will follow the process of undertaking a mixed method study from developing research questions, selecting an appropriate design, integration of data and findings, through to reporting in peer reviewed publications. It will also cover key issues such as relevant paradigms, quality assessment, team working and structural issues affecting mixed methods research. The focus will be on health research, particularly health care research. The day will be interactive, drawing on participants experience of mixed methods research.
13th & 14th March 2018 Utility Data for Health Technology Assessment NICE and similar agencies around the world are using QALYs, hence the need for health state utility data in their assessments of the cost effectiveness of health care interventions. This raises questions about the measurement of health, the valuation of health and whose values to use. It creates additional challenges for meeting the requirements of a ‘reference case’ set of methods that may not be appropriate in all circumstances

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