Upcoming Short Courses

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Dates Course Title Course Content
3 - 4 July 2018 Mixed-method Approaches To Evidence Reviews In Europe (MASTERIE) This course will examine practical examples of integration at all these levels and stages. The Programme Faculty will begin by taking participants through the mixed method review process (Day One) before examining specific methods and mechanisms for integrating quantitative and qualitative data (Day Two). The emphasis will be on opening up a toolbox of possible approaches rather than focusing on a single, popularised method.
11-13 September 2018 Evidence Synthesis of Qualitative Research in Europe (ESQUIRE) The course will follow the systematic review process as it applies, and is adapted to, qualitative evidence synthesis. The Programme Faculty will take participants through the stages of defining and exploring scope, conducting the literature searches, quality assessing studies for inclusion, synthesising data and writing up and presenting the product of the synthesis. Participants will be provided with practical experience of key stages in the review process.
2 – 4 October 2018 Advanced Simulation Methods This course aims to provide participants with the skills required to be able to undertake simulation projects to a professional level. It will be both theoretically-based and practically-based, with the use of the Simul8 software package. It will cover the use of discrete-event simulation to assess the impact of alternative options within a local system with resource constraints and the use of patient-level simulation for health economic modelling.

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