Upcoming Short Courses

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Dates Course Title Course Content
27-29 November 2017 Advanced Simulation Methods This course aims to provide participants with the skills required to be able to undertake simulation projects to a professional level. It will be both theoretically-based and practically-based, with the use of the Simul8 software package. It will cover the use of discrete-event simulation to assess the impact of alternative options within a local system with resource constraints and the use of patient-level simulation for health economic modelling.
6 February 2018 The Identification and Review of Evidence to Inform Cost Effectiveness Models The course will enable participants to develop an understanding of the methods available for the identification and review of evidence to inform cost effectiveness models.
12 – 13 March 2018 Utility Data for Health Technology Assessment This course outlines the practical requirements of measuring utility and obtaining utility data for health technology assessment for agencies such as NICE and explores recent research in utilities including EQ-5D-5L valuation, measuring subjective well-being and condition specific preference-based measures.
17 – 19 April 2018 Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis Short Course This three-day course gives an introduction to methods for conducting systematic reviews in health care. The course will be interactive and practical, with delivery of sessions based on lectures and individual and small group practical exercises.
15 May 2018 An Introduction to using Social Media to Communicate Research The aim of the workshop is to offer an introduction to the many tools you can use to help you communicate research and work smarter. The purpose of the day is to help attendees come away with a variety of tools and artefacts they can use to help communicate and share their work.
17 May 2018 Rapid Review Methods The aim of the day is to equip you with a greater insight into the range of rapid review methods that can be used for, and adapted to, your particular review

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