Daniel Hill-McManus, BSc (Edinburgh)

HillMcManus3HEDS, ScHARR
The University of Sheffield
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E-mail: d.hill-mcmanus@sheffield.ac.uk


I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2009 having studied mathematical physics. In 2009/2010 I was employed by an engineering consultancy company and conducted risk analyses of offshore oil and gas installations. I joined ScHARR in December 2010 as a mathematical modeller to work primarily on the Interdisciplinary Alcohol Policy Research Programme.

Research interests

My current research interests include:

  • Issues relating to the design and development of simulation models in order to appraise public health policies

  • Econometrics and the analysis of purchase survey data in order to measure consumer responsiveness to price and related methodological issues

  • Studying survey instruments used to measure alcohol consumption patterns and the analysis of alcohol consumption data

Teaching Interests

I am involved in the MSc in Health Economics and Decision Modelling available at ScHARR; my contribution includes dissertation supervision, marking and tutorial demonstrations.

Current projects

  • Interdisciplinary Alcohol Research Programme (funded by the MRC/ESRC)

Key Publications and Presentations

  • Hill-McManus D, Angus C, Meng Y, Holmes J, Brennan A, Meier PS. Estimation of usual occasion-based individual drinking patterns using diary survey data. Drug and Alcohol Dependence (accepted)

  • Meng Y, Holmes J, Hill-McManus D, Brennan A, Meier PS. Trend analysis and modelling of gender specific age, period and birth cohort effects on alcohol abstention and consumption level for drinkers in Great Britain using the General Lifestyle Survey 1984-2009. Addiction (accepted)

  • Hill-McManus D, Alan Brennan, Tim Stockwell, Norman Giesbrecht, Gerald Thomas, Jinhui Zhao, Gina Martin and Ashley Wettlaufer. Model-based appraisal of alcohol minimum pricing in Ontario and British Columbia: A Canadian adaptation of the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model Version 2. December, 2012. http://www.carbc.ca/Portals/0/PropertyAgent/558/Files/240/AlcMinPricingOntBC.pdf

  • Meng Y, Hill-McManus D, Brennan A, Meier PS. Model-based appraisal of alcohol minimum pricing and off-licensed trade discount bans in Scotland using the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model (v.2): Second update based on newly available data. http://www.shef.ac.uk/polopoly_fs/1.156503!/file/scotlandjan.pdf

  • Meier, PS, Meng, Y, Holmes, J, Baumberg, B, Purshouse, R, Hill-McManus, D, Brennan, A, 2013. Adjusting for unrecorded consumption in survey and per capita sales data: Quantification of impact on gender- and age-specific alcohol-attributable fractions for oral and pharyngeal cancers in Great Britain. Alcohol & Alcoholism 48 (5).

  • Hill-McManus D. Estimating Price Elasticities for Alcohol from Survey Data - The impact of the observation interval, 6th June 2013, Presentation delivered to the 39th Kettil Bruun Society (KBS) conference, Kampala

  • Hill-McManus D. Risky Single Occasion Drinking: Individual Risk and Alcohol-attributable Fractions, 5th June 2012, Presentation delivered to the 38th Kettil Bruun Society (KBS) conference, Stavanger