Recent Discussion Papers

  • Hernández , M. and Popli, G. Children’s development and parental input: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study. HEDS Discussion Paper 13/03

  • Squires, H., Hernández Alava, M., Payne, N., Blank, L., Baxter, L. and Preston, L. (2012) How much does teenage parenthood affect long term outcomes? A systematic review. HEDS Discussion Paper 12/13.

  • Hernandez Alava, M and Wailoo, A. (2012) A comparison of direct and indirect methods for the estimation of health utilities from clinical outcomes,. NICE Decision Support Unit. HEDS Discussion Paper 12/12.

  • Hernández, M. and Pudney, S. (2011) What you don’t see can’t hurt you? Panel data analysis and the dynamics of unobservable factors. HEDS discussion paper 12/06.