Introducing the HEDS professional services team

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality professional support to HEDS academic and research staff. This page is intended to clarify the roles of the individuals who make up the team. We hope that the information below proves helpful.

Job Title Name
Clerical Officers Marianne Lewis, Heather Mottishaw
Information Officers Magda Bell, Sonia Rizzo, Rachel Walker, Sheldon Korpet
Personal Assistant, Office Manager Ann Hilton
Project Administrators Liz Metham, Andrea Shippam, Kath Wilson, Amanda Lane, Julie Johnson, Donna Davis
Publications Officer Gill Rooney
Section Manager Kathryn Cousins

HEDS Support Team

The role of this team (which sits within the HEDS professional services team) is to provide overall clerical and administrative support to HEDS research and academic staff who do not have the support of a dedicated personal assistant or research programme co-ordinator. The team can be contacted via: