Affra S. Al Shamsi (MSc, PgDip, BSc)

Postgraduate Research Student, PhD Candidate (Interdisciplinary, Teamwork, Knowledge Management)

Office Room 1.05, First Floor
Innovation Centre
University of Sheffield
217 Portobello
S1 4DP

Phone: 0114 222 2975

Title of Research

Incorporating a Knowledge Management Paradigm into Healthcare: A Mixed Method Investigation of Knowledge Sharing in Cross-Professional Teams in Healthcare


I started my PhD studies at Sheffield University, at the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) in March 2014. I am a medical librarian and electronic resources consultant by background. I was awarded my MSc in Information Management from the University of Sheffield, and hold a Postgraduate Higher Diploma in Medical Librarianship from Sultan Qaboos University, and my BSc in Chemistry from UAE University.

Previously, I served as the Electronic Resource Consultant, Electronic Medical Library Manager, and Medical Libraries Director for the Ministry of Health, Oman, where I worked with a small team to build the first national electronic medical library, and as a library manager at Royal Hospital Central Medical Library, where I established the first and largest electronic medical library in Oman. I was the e-library and resources manager at the Oman Medical Speciality Board (OMSB) Medical Information Centre where I founded and managed the OMSB Electronic Medical Resources Consortia - the first electronic resource consortium in the country - and I was a member of the National Virtual Science Library Project Steering Committee, and the Negotiation Committee.

Research Interests

The aims of my PhD research are to:
1. Consider the extent of research on knowledge sharing amongst teams of different professions in healthcare settings.
2. Identify dominating team types in healthcare settings.
3. Identify the level of teamwork implementation and the level of knowledge sharing within these teams.
4. To understand the impact of cross-professional teamwork on knowledge sharing and vice versa.
5. To map the best ways to promote knowledge sharing amongst such teams in healthcare.
6. To highlight the link - if it exists - between effective cross-professional teamwork and the level of knowledge sharing among the team members in healthcare settings.

My research experience and interests are:
• Interdisciplinary research, teaching and learning
• Knowledge sharing and information management
• Evidence based practice
• Mixed methods research
• Multimodality approaches in research and public engagement
• Systematic reviews
• Evidence synthesis methodologies.
• Public engagement
• Research for impact

Key publications

• Al Shamsi, Afara, The Importance of Culture in Designing E-Learning Environments. [Research Paper] EDULEARN11, 3rd Annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies Proceedings. Barcelona, Spain, July 4-6, 2011
• Al Shamsi, Afara. Evidence-Based Medicine among Omani Physicians: Awareness, Knowledge and Application. The 15th International Symposium on Health Information Management Research Proceedings (ISHIMR 2011). Zurich, Switzerland, September 8-9, 2011
• Al Shamsi, Afara. Library Staff Handbook. [Author] Muscat, Oman: Royal Hospital-Ministry of Health Oman; 2006
• Al Shamsi, Afara. Library User's Handbook. [Author] Muscat, Oman: Royal Hospital-Ministry of Health; 2005


• Andrew Booth
• Peter Cudd
• Nasrin Nasr