Mr Chris Skedgel, BA(Hon) MDE

Chris Skedgel

PhD student

School of Health & Related Research
The University of Sheffield
Regent Court
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA



I am a part-time PhD student at The University of Sheffield. My research investigates societal preferences for the allocation of scarce healthcare resources, and compares the preferences of patients and citizens with those of their healthcare and governmental decision-making ‘agents’. It also compares two conjoint methods – discrete choice experiments and constant-sum paired comparisons – for the elicitation of societal preferences.
I am also a health economist with the Atlantic Clinical Cancer Research Unit (ACCRU) at Capital Health, Halifax, Canada where I support research around the economics of cancer and cancer treatment.

Research Interests

My research interests are around conjoint methods for the elicitation of societal preferences, the application of empirical ethics in decision making and cost-effectiveness modelling.

Professional activities

Current projects

  • Cost-effectiveness of trastuzumab in T1bNO breast cancers
  • Opioid use among Nova Scotia cancer patients

Recent Presentations

  1. Skedgel C, Wailoo A, Akehurst R. Discrete Choice vs. Constant Sum Paired Comparisons for the Eliciting Societal Preferences for Healthcare Resource Allocation. Society for Medical Decision Making. October 2011. Chicago, USA.
  2. Skedgel C, Wailoo A, Akehurst R. An Empirical Ethics Approach to Identifying Societal Preferences in the Allocation of Healthcare Resources. Society for Medical Decision Making. October 2010. Toronto, Canada.