Nyantara Wickramasekera

A photograph of Tara WickramasekeraResearch Associate

University of Sheffield
Regent Court, 30 Regent Street
Sheffield, S1 4DA

Office: 2011

Tel: (+44) (0)114 222 4349
Fax: (+44) (0)114 222 0749

E-mail: n.wickramasekera@sheffield.ac.uk

ORCiD: 0000-0002- 6552-5153


I joined ScHARR (HEDS) as a Research Associate in October 2016. In my previous role, I worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Leeds. My research interests include measurement and valuation of health outcomes, economic evaluation of health interventions and health systems, mental health, and mixed-methods research.

Current project

I am working on three projects: 1) The design, development, commissioning and evaluation of patient focused vascular services, 2) Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature (IWUN) and 3) RCT assessing the non-inferiority of counselling and its effectiveness for depression.


  • Master of Science in Evidence-Based Social Intervention, University of Oxford, 2013
  • Bachelor of Arts - International Studies and Economics, Earlham College, United States of America, 2011

Journal articles

  • Wickramasekera N, Wright J, Elsey H, Murray J & Tubeuf S (2015) Cost of crime: A systematic review, Journal of Criminal Justice 43(3), 218-228.

  • Elsey H, Bragg R, Elings M, Cade JE, Brennan C, Farragher T, Tubeuf S, Gold R, Shickle D, Wickramasekera N, Richardson Z & Murray J (2014) Understanding the impacts of care farms on health and well-being of disadvantaged populations: A protocol of the Evaluating Community Orders (ECO) pilot study. BMJ Open, 4(10).

  • Elsey H, Bragg R, Brennan C, Murray J, Elings M, Richardson Z, Wickramasekera N, Hucklesbury A & Cade J (2014) The impact of care farms on quality of life among different population groups: protocol for a systematic review. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 1-61. 

Extended List of Publications

Journal articles

Scholarly editions

  • Wickramasekera N, Tubeuf S, Veale T, Wright J, Elsey H & Murray J (2014) The impact of care farms and green care on health-related quality of life: a systematic review guiding cost-effectiveness analysis. RIS download Bibtex download


  • Phillips P, Shackley P, Wickramasekera N & Howard A (2018) Using public preferences to quantify the burden of travel to specialist vascular centres for abdominal aortic aneurysm treatment in the UK. RCN International Research Conference. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Wickramasekera N (2016) The impact of care farms on quality of life among different population groups: a systematic review.. HSRUK Symposium. RIS download Bibtex download