Systematic Review Training Courses

The School for Health and Related Research (ScHARR) hosts one of the largest concentrations of systematic reviewers in the country. Key to the School’s activities is building reviewer capacity though a variety of training courses. All systematic review training courses in ScHARR are organised, and largely delivered, by staff from within the HEDS Section.

Short Courses for External Participants

Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis Short Course - 3 days
The aim of this three day course is to provide participants with an introduction to methods for conducting systematic reviews in health care. Sessions will be delivered by ScHARR staff experienced in systematic review methods. The course will be interactive and practical, with delivery of sessions based on lectures and individual and small group practical exercises.  This course typically runs once a year in April.

Evidence Synthesis of Qualitative Research in Europe (ESQUIRE) - 2.5 days
The ESQUIRE course follows the systematic review process as it applies, and is adapted to, qualitative evidence synthesis. It typically runs once a year in Late August/Early September.

Rapid Review Methods [1 day]
This new course is next scheduled to run in November 2015 after a very successful first course was over subscribed in May 2015.

For details on any of these courses and other course run by the School of Health and Related Research, please contact the Short Course Unit via email at or by telephone +44 (0114) 222 2968.

Modules for Students

PhD Level

Systematically Reviewing the Research Literature - HAR6029 - Distance Learning [Autumn & Spring Semester]  This module is an adaptation of the Masters Level face-to--face course and is especially targeted to the needs of the PhD student. It is also available on a fee-basis as a stand-alone module to external participants.
Contact: Anthea Sutton

Masters Level

MSc in International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing and Reimbursement - Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis: Principles & Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis: Applications
This pair of modules, at basic and intermediate Masters level, focus on the role of systematic reviews specifically within health technology assessment. Delivered via Distance learning they are also available on a fee-basis as stand-alone modules to external participants.
Chris Carroll
[Applications]: Eva Kaltenthaler

Masters in Public Health - Systematic Reviews & Critical Appraisal
ScHARR’s longest-running systematic reviews module this is a core face-to-face module within the MPH course. It is delivered via a blend of plenary lectures and small group workshops.
Contact: Andrew Booth