Possible systematic review PhD topics

Below are suggestions for PhD topics. We are also interested in hearing from prospective students who have their own related topic in mind.

Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (QES) in HTA (Health Technology Assessment):
There are currently no standards or methods endorsed by international HTA agencies for conducting or incorporating QES in HTAs, even though patient-centred care is increasingly being recognised as a vital element of health service provision. The aim of the proposed research is to explore methods of QES as an adjunct to clinical and cost-effectiveness research in the health technology assessment process, and to assess how this might inform the decision-making process.
(Contact Chris Carroll for more information).

Information retrieval methods for systematic reviews:
Currently only searches for RCTs, diagnostic studies and qualitative research benefit from some degree of evaluative research to test and validate filters. However, many reviews focus on other study designs and categories, such as specific types of RCTs, longitudinal or cross-sectional research, cohort or prognostic studies, and case control studies. The proposed research would develop, evaluate and validate search filters for all such study designs, for use in a full range of reviews.
(Contact Chris Carroll for more information).

Reviewing evidence for cost effectiveness model parameters:
Although the methods for reviewing the effectiveness evidence in health technology assessments are well developed, there is little guidance available regarding the best approaches to reviewing the evidence for other parameter values within decision analytic models. There is a need for such information to inform health technology assessment methods. The proposed research would formalise, pilot and evaluate appropriate review methods needed to identify different types of parameter values.
(Contact Eva Kaltenthaler for more information).