HEDS Home Page

About HEDS

HEDS is a section within ScHARR, a leading department at the University of Sheffield.  We have close links with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) through our work for the Decision Support Unit (DSU).  We also work closely with a range of collaborators on consultancy funded research.  The purpose of HEDS is to promote excellence in health car resource allocation.  HEDS makes major contributions in areas that include the valuation of health, the analysis of health policy, welfare and equity, technology appraisal, evidence synthesis, econometrics and information sciences.

The HEDS Measuring and Valuing Health online MOOC is a great way to get a taste of just one area of the work we do here in HEDS.  You can register your interest at this website.

Applications to our PGR programmes are made through ScHARR.

What we do for our Postgraduate Research Students

Students are encouraged to be actively involved in the research activities of the section. There is a regular programme of seminars all year round for staff and students. Research students are actively encouraged to attend (and participate in) these seminars.

We are committed to provide high quality research supervision. Every student is assigned two or more supervisors, a lead supervisor and one or two supervisory panel members. Supervisors are allocated taking into account the topic and student preferences. At the same time excessive supervisory loads are avoided to guarantee outstanding supervision. This supervisory panel enables students to get a wide breadth of skills and knowledge, while ensuring regular contact with a staff member with particular expertise in the PhD topic area.

Research students are given the opportunity to teach while completing their research degree gaining valuable experience of this complementary activity.