Co-Chief Investigator: Thromboprohylaxis in Lower Limb Immobilisation (TiLLI) (Secondment)

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E-mail: d.e.horner@sheffield.ac.uk


Dan has recently joined the group from Manchester, to co-lead a HTA funded project with Professor Steve Goodacre, alongside a panel of international orthopaedic and thrombosis experts. The project is a value of information analysis looking at the use of anticoagulant medication to reduce acute venous thromboembolism in patients immobilised after isolated limb trauma.

Dan is a dual consultant in emergency and intensive care medicine at Salford Royal NHS Foundation trust and acting trauma team leader. He is also co-chair of the trust thrombosis committee locally, Comprehensive Research Network regional theme lead for Injuries and Emergencies in Greater Manchester and section editor for the Emergency Medicine Journal. He also acts as clinical lead for the local Acute Research Delivery Team at Salford, who currently recruit to a portfolio of 16 trials across the emergency department, intensive care unit and critical care areas. Dan's research interests are principally in thrombosis, in particular the diagnosis and management of isolated distal deep vein thrombosis. He has also previously been involved in producing national guidance from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine on the issue of thromboprophylaxis for outpatients immobilised in plaster. Dan currently sits on the Research and Publications committee for the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and several national guideline groups relating to thrombosis.

Dan writes for the stemlynsblog.org, has some followers on twitter and enjoys all this new Free Open Access Medical Education malarkey. Drop him a line and say hello. Or, if you want to see him in person the old fashioned way, he can be found in the ScHARR offices on a Monday during 2017/18.

Research Interests

• Isolated distal deep vein thrombosis (thesis topic)
• Whole leg compression ultrasound
• Thromboprophylaxis for ambulatory lower limb trauma
• Critical airway management
• Submassive pulmonary embolism

Current Projects

Dan is co-chief investigator for the Thromboprophylaxis in Lower Limb Immobilisation (TiLLI) project, an evidence synthesis and value of information analysis looking at the potential clinical and cost effectiveness of providing thromboprophylaxis to patients with isolated lower limb injury immobilised in plaster cast.
The research project is being led with Professor Steve Goodacre (Professor of emergency medicine and ED Consultant) and funded by the Health Technology Assessment Program. An expert team of clinicians has been collated to provide input on decision modelling and risk prediction, along with senior information specialists and modelling experts to help analyse the retrieved data.

Dan is also currently representing the Royal College of Emergency Medicine on the upcoming British Thoracic Society guideline regarding the ambulatory management of suspected and confirmed acute pulmonary embolism. Through the thrombosis committee locally, he is also engaged in several small research projects, including the diagnostic sensitivity of an age–adjusted d-dimer threshold for the acute diagnosis of venous thromboembolism and the use of thromboprophylaxis in a neurocritical care environment.

Teaching Interests

Dan runs a local in-situ major trauma hi fidelity simulation program locally. He has also designed and co-ordinated an online teaching platform for education in critical care medicine that has evolved to act as a regional resource, hosted at http://classroom.stemlyns.org.uk/course/view.php?id=216

Key Publications

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