One day conference on ‘Maximising the value of combining qualitative research and randomised controlled trials’

Wednesday 21st November 2012, Hilton Sheffield

[Please note that although some of the presentations from the day are available on the right, all pictures have been removed for copyright purposes.]

We are holding a day conference on ‘Maximising the value of qualitative research with randomised controlled trials’ on 21 November 2012 in Sheffield. The aim is to bring together researchers with experience of working in studies combining qualitative research and trials to discuss the findings of the MRC QUART Study ( and to facilitate networking, sharing of good practice and the development of a community of researchers engaged in this endeavour. The conference has been funded by the MRC Network of Hubs for Trials and is free to delegates. There are places for 100 delegates.

Use the links on the right to view the programme for the day and to register.

You may be travelling from a distance. We are not organising accommodation. The conference is being held at the Hilton Hotel in the centre of Sheffield. You may wish to use this hotel or book other accommodation in the city centre.


Richard Campbell is the conference administrator so please direct queries to him on or 0114 222 0887.

The conference is organised by Professor Alicia O’Cathain at ScHARR at the University of Sheffield, the QUART research team, and the MRC Hubs for Trials Methodology Research (COnDuCT Hub University of Bristol and North West Hub University of Liverpool).

Gauging demand from people with no experience of combining qualitative research and RCTs

We are aiming the day at people with some experience of studies combining qualitative research and trials. You may not have experience and may wish to know more about how to do this. If you are interested in attending an event aimed at people without experience then please email Richard Campbell directly and we will consider demand for another event aimed specifically at this audience.

Location and Parking

Below is a location map for the Hilton Sheffield venue, while more detailed directions can be found here.

Hilton Map

Free parking has been arranged with the hotel if you are travelling by car. Enter the Hilton car park, press the barrier button on entry and take a ticket. Keep the ticket and take to the hotel reception for validating to receive free parking for the event.