Simon Judge

Senior Clinical Scientist

University of Sheffield
Regent Court
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA

AT Team
Barnsley Hospital
Gawber Road
S75 2EP

Tel: +44 (0) 1226 432159



I am a Senior Clinical Scientist and have worked in the electronic assistive technology field since 1999. My current role is running the Barnsley Assistive Technology team and as an honorary researcher with Sheffield University.

The Barnsley team offers a specialised service across three districts, working with local professionals to provide Assistive Technology to clients with severe disabilities. In addition the team collaborates and leads on a number of research projects related to electronic assistive technology and in particular user involvement in research and development

My favourite invention is the bike, my favourite word is 'disambiguation' and my favourite beer is `Moonshine´.

Research Interests

My research interests are across a number of different areas: particularly in usability, human computer interaction, augmentative and alternative communication and electronic assistive technology. I have led on the user involvement aspects and been joint principle investigator on a number of significant projects in this area.

Current Projects

Key Publications

  • Judge S, Robertson Z, Hawley M, Enderby P. Speech-driven environmental control
    systems - a qualitative analysis of users' perceptions. Disability and Rehabilitation:Assistive Technology. 2009;4(3):151-157.
  • Judge S, Robertson Z, Hawley MS. Users' Perceptions of Environmental Control
    Systems. In: Assistive Technology from Adapted Equipment to Inclusive Environments - AAATE 2009.Vol 25. Florence, Italy: IOS Press; 2009:426-431.
  • Judge S, Blackburn S. The use of eye-gaze data in the evaluation of assistive technology software for older people. In: Proceedings of COGAIN 2008,"Communication, Environment and Mobility Control by Gaze". COGAIN; 2008:67-72.
  • Judge S. Recent Advances in Assistive Technology and Engineering (RAatE) Barker R. Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation. 2008;8(1):39-40.
  • Judge S. Information-sharing and evidence base within assistive technology: some current tools. Journal of Assistive Technologies. 2007;1(2):52-53.

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Simon Judge is based in Health Services Research, ScHARR (Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Group).