Sections in ScHARR

ScHARR is organised into sections which reflect either disciplinary or, more commonly, topic focused groupings. Although the sections have considerable autonomy the degree of collaboration between them in both teaching and research is very substantial.

Design, Trials & Statistics

Design, Trials and Statistics (DTS) is a section within ScHARR and consists of three subgroups:

The section is involved with the design, conduct, data processing, statistical analysis and reporting of high quality randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and other studies to evaluate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of new services, therapies and health technologies.

Health Economics and Decision Science (HEDS)

HEDS covers a broad range of disciplines, but its work is split into five main areas. Our Information Specialists undertake systematic searches of the available evidence base from a wide range of sources, using the most up-to-date information retrieval methods. Our systematic reviewers lead in the critical appraisal and synthesis of qualitative and quantitative research evidence. Our statisticians lead in the application of complex methods, Bayesian methods and network meta-analyses. Our economists lead in outcome measurement and clinical trial work. Our mathematical modellers lead in the problem structuring, model development and optimisation problems. These five groups are in many ways nominal as researchers from the groups routinely work together.

Public Health

A vibrant group of over one hundred researchers, academics, professional services staff and PhD students. We are committed to improving health and reducing inequity.

Central Resources Group

The Central Resources Group staff support the core activities of the School.