IRIS (Information Resources Information Study Skills)

IRIS is an online programme for all ScHARR Masters students. It aims to equip all students with the basic information related study skills necessary to support their studies and to support their work and research once they have left ScHARR. IRIS is highly recommended for all Masters level students.

The IRIS programme is comprised of four elements, with each focusing on a particular area of the information skills needed for successful study.

Infographic showing the elements of the IRIS course

  1. FIND teaches students how to identify, access and utilise resources to meet their information needs as required by their course of study
  2. COLLECT provides an introduction to the main sources that provide full text access to the research literature
  3. MANAGE supports students in managing information and references using bibliographic management tools
  4. SHARE offers guidance on the many online tools that can be employed to share group work, ideas and tasks

There will be an introductory session in the first week of the semester as part of the timetabled introduction activities. IRIS is then available via your course list in MOLE (it appears as ScHARR Library and IRIS).

There are some short tasks and multiple choice questions to work through as part of the IRIS programme, as well as an optional piece of reflective writing. It is anticipated that IRIS will take approximately 8-10 hours of study time to complete.

If you have any problems accessing IRIS, please contact ScHARR Library: