Postgraduate Research Students within Public Health

Postgraduate Research Students (Students studying for a MPhil/PhD/MD), are assigned to the same section as their lead supervisor. They are actively involved in the section, attend and contribute to all relevant meetings and groups.

Staff candidates stay within their relevant section.

Below is a list of students either assigned to the Public Health Section or supervised by staff in the Public Health Section and you can link to their web page by clicking on their name.

Student name Public Health Supervisor(s) Title/Topic Email address
Serena Vicario Prof Petra Meier Women’s drinking patterns: changes associated with life transitions
Abisola O Balogun Prof Paul Bissell Antiretroviral Adherence in Lagos, Nigeria: A Mixed Methods Study
Abouammoh, Noura

Dr Sarah Barnes

Prof Elizabeth Goyder

The Role of Expatriate Primary Health Care Physicians in Caring for Type 2 Diabetes Patients in Saudi Arabia: Perspectives of Physicians and Patients.
Abubakar, Isa Sadeeq

Dr Amy Barnes

Dr Andrew Lee

Impact evaluation of a Maternal and Child Health intervention programme in Northern Nigeria.
Alaswad, Amal Dr Sue Baxter How electronic health records (EHR) will differentiate the health care quality compared to manual records in hospitals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Alenezi, Latifah Dr Janet Harris A study to explore the use of cognitive strategies to manage chronic muskuloskeletal pain.
Al-Rawashdeh, Israa Prof Elizabeth Goyder Gender related differences in quality of life and attitudes toward diabetes type 2 patients in Jordan.
Fitzgerald, Christopher Dr Jennifer Burr Exercise And Clean Living: The impact of exercise upon recovery from substance addiction.
Gosadi, Ibrahim Prof Elizabeth Goyder Investigating the potential effect of inbreeding on Type 2 Diabetes susceptibility in the Saudi Society.
Griffiths, Paul

Dr Rachel O'Hara

Dr Janet Harris

Organisational Culture, Quality Improvement and Efficiency Savings in the National Health Services (NHS).
Harrop, Deborah Dr Sarah Barnes The relationship between the physical environment and wellbeing in care homes for older people.
Mahmood, Sajid Dr Clare Relton Prevalence of underestimation of body weight and its associated factors among medical students in Karachi, Pakistan.
Milevska-Kostova, Neda Dr Richard Cooper Effects of policy changes in prescription regulation.
Owers, Corinne Dr Vanessa Halliday Bariatric surgery. Project already in design process. Prospective and retrospective review of bariatric surgical services in Sheffield.
Papamalis, Efstratios Fivos Prof Petra Meier An integrative approach to drug treatment evaluation: A pilot study of client & program level factors as indicators of treatment engagement.

Roberts, Katharine

Prof Michelle Holdsworth

Selecting a diet quality indicator to evaluate the nutritional health of the UK population across differing socio-economic groups.
Scott, Anne Prof Elizabeth Goyder The use of technology in diabetes in deprived areas.
Vedio, Alicia Professor Liddy Goyder Factors affecting access to healthcare for Hepatitis B in the Chinese community; study of health practitioners using qualitative interviews.