Alicia Beatriz Vedio  FRCP, DTM&H, Dip-HIV

MD Studies

University of Sheffield
School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
Section of Public Health
Regent Court
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA



I began my studies at the University of Sheffield in May 2014 as a part-time Medical Doctorate student to undertake a study of barriers and facilitators affecting healthcare access for Hepatitis B in particular in the area of health practitioners including a systematic review of published evidence.  This is part of a larger qualitative study, 'Chinese community access to treatment for Hepatitis B' (CATH-B) in which I am the PI and that was funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme, aiming to identify factors in three areas:

  • Barriers and facilitators related to the Chinese community (Dr Eva Zhi Hong Liu)
  • Factors related to healthcare practitioners (Dr Alicia Vedio)
  • Factors related to policy making and commissioning (Dr Andrew Lee)

I am an Infectious Diseases Physician working at the Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals since 2003 and with particular interest in Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis.  My clinical practice interests include transition services, provision of specialist care in primary settings and cross-cultural interaction.

Research Interests

Title of MD: Factors affecting access to healthcare for Hepatitis B in the Chinese community; study of health practitioners using qualitative interviews.

My research interests include access to healthcare by migrant groups in relation to infectious diseases.

Teaching Interests

I am a Honorary Clinical Teacher in the Department of Infection and Immunity in the University of Sheffield.

Key Publications

Targeted testing in primary care demonstrates high prevalence of Hepatitis B infection within the Slovak-Roma population in Sheffield, UK.  Gregory A, Vedio A, Stone B, Green ST, Bronsdon C. J Viral Hepatitis 2014 Oct; 21(10):e138-9.doi:10.1111/jvh.12287.

Successful use of Fendrix in HIV-infected non-responders to standard Hepatitis B vaccines.  de Silva TI, Green ST, Cole J, Stone BJ, Dockrell DH, Vedio ABJ Infect.  2014 Apr; 68(4):397-9,  doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2013.12.009.

Hepatitis B: report of prevalence and access to healthcare among Chinese residents in Sheffield UK.  Vedio AB, Ellam H, Rayner F, Stone B, Kudesia G, McKendrick MW, Green ST.  J Infect Public Health.  2013 Dec;6(6):448-55. doi: 10.1016/j.jiph.2013.05.004.

'It's just a virus' - viral illness i older people: prevention and management. Payne R, Forde D, Vedio A, Cope A, Pratt G, Tunbridge A. (2013).  Reviews in Clinical Gerontology, 23(02), 131-141.

Hepatitis C, a hazard for haemodialysis patients during international travel.  Vedio AB, Poll R, Khwaja SA, McKendrick MW, Green ST.  J Infect.  2009 May;58(5):392-3. doi:10.1016/j.jinf.2009.02.017.


  • Lead Supervisor: Professor Elizabeth Goyder
  • Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Salway

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