Eiman Mohammad Alkhezi BSc, MSc Physiotherapy

University of Sheffield
School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
Regent Court
30 Regent Street
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ScHARR Section:  Public Health

email. ealkhezi1@sheffield.ac.uk

Room 103 Innovation Centre

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I was qualified as a physiotherapist from Kuwait University in June 2005, and started to work at Jaber Alahmad Armed Forces Hospital in September 2005 till present.  In July 2014 I was awarded MSc in physiotherapy from University of Brighton, United Kingdom, and my study was sponsored by the government of the State of Kuwait.  In October 2014 I started my PhD at the University of Sheffield in ScHARR.

Research Interests

Title of PhD: Promotion of Physical Activity in Older People and those transitioning into older age in Kuwait.

My research interests are mostly within the area of older adults, improving quality of life among older adults, physical activity and well-being, health behaviour change and health promotion.  In addition I have an interest in qualitative research methods.

My research will examine the implementation of PA promotion program in the Kuwaiti community.  In so doing, the proposal aims to investigate the perception of Kuwaiti older adults about the promotion of physical activity.  So hopefully this study will add to the knowledge and understanding of the subject of physical activity promotion and its application in the Kuwaiti community.  This study should be significant in the sense that it will:

  1. Allow the indentification of the concepts of promoting physical activity among older people and take into account the nature of culture and environment of Kuwait.
  2. Support and enrich theories and models of promoting PA among older people in communities that have similarities in their culture and environment with Kuwait.
  3. Provide useful knowledge on factors that might have impact and contribute to the successful implantation of PA promotion program in Kuwait.


  • Lead Supervisor: Dr Sarah Barnes
  • Second Supervisor: Dr Emma Everson-Hock


Kuwait Physical Therapy Association KPTA