Rebecca Hutten, BA Hons, MA (Cantab), MA (Bradford)

School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
University of Sheffield
Regent Court, 30 Regent Street
Sheffield S1 4DARebecca Hutten

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My initial training was as a social anthropologist, and social policy scientist. I began my career working in the voluntary sector and subsequently worked for 16 years within central government as a policy scientist. From 2007-2015, I have been Research Fellow in ScHARR, with the HSR Mental Health Group. I am currently completing my doctoral research on workforce development within primary care mental health services.

Research Interests

My PhD thesis is a psycho-social ethnographic study of the experience of trainees within the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme in the NHS, entitled ‘professional identity and practice in the new psychotherapy workforce.’

I am interested in all aspects of the ‘psy’ professions, psychological therapy services, and strategies for improving public mental health.

I have particular interests in:

  • Group and individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy
  • Sociology and psychoanalysis of organizations
  • Practice-based learning in mental health
  • Democratic professionalism and user/ peer engagement
  • Ethics and politics of care
  • Psychosocial studies applied to healthcare settings

Professional activities

I am a founder member of the Association for Psychosocial Studies (APS). I am also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Key publications

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Conference papers

  1. Hutten, R. (2012, July 16). Dilemmas of the trainee psychological therapist. In Social Policy in an Unequal World: Joint Annual Conference of the East Asian Social Policy Research Network (EASP) and the United Kingdom Social Policy Association (SPA). University of York.
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