Prof. Zubairu Iliyasuzubairu Iliyasu

School of Health and Related Research
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Office: Room 1.03 Innovation centre, 1st Floor
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After qualifying with an MBBS degree from the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria in 1990, I practised Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Kano and Zaria. Then I was awarded a British Chevenning scholarship for a Master of Public Health degree at the University of Glasgow which I completed in 1999. I obtained The Fellowship of the West African College of Physicians in Community Health after completing the residency training at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital in 2004. I also, obtained the Fellowship of the National Postgraduate College of Nigeria in Public Health in November 2012. I was appointed Professor of Public health at Bayero University Kano, Nigeria in October 2013. I registered as a remote location PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield School of Health and Related Studies in October 2012.

Research Interests

Title of PhD: Sexual and reproductive behaviour of HIV positive men and health system response: A mixed methods study in Kano, Northern Nigeria

My research interests are; Reproductive and Sexual Health, HIV/AIDS, Obstetric fistula.

Teaching Interests

Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Methods

Key publications

1. Iliyasu Z, Babashani M, Abubakar IS, Salahudeen AA, Aliyu MH. Clinical burden and correlates of HIV and Malaria co-infection in northwest Nigeria. Acta Tropica 2013;128(3):630-5.

2. Iliyasu Z, Nwaze E, Verma H, Mustapha AO, Weldegebriel G, Gasasira A, Wannemuehler KA, Pallansch MA, Gajida AU, Pate M, Sutter RW. Survey of poliovirus antibodies in Kano, northern Nigeria. Vaccine 2014 Mar 10;32(12):1414-20.

3. Zubairu Iliyasu, Isa S. Abubakar, Ibrahim H. Sani, Abubakar M. Jibo, Ibraheem M. Karaye,
Hamisu M. Salihu and Muktar H. Aliyu. Male Circumcision and HIV Risk Behavior Among
University Students in Northern Nigeria. American Journal of Men’s Health 2012.

4. Iliyasu Z, Abubakar I S, Lawan UM, Abubakar M, Adamu B. Predictors of public attitude toward living organ donation in Kano, northern Nigeria. Saudi J Kidney Dis Transpl. 2014 Jan;25(1):196-205.

5. Iliyasu Z, Galadanci HS, Abubakar IS, Bashir FM, Salihu HM, Aliyu MH. Perception of infertility and acceptability of assisted reproduction technology in northern Nigeria. Niger J Med. 2013 Oct-Dec;22(4):341-7.

6. Iliyasu Z, Gajida AU, Abubakar IS, Shittu O, Babashani M, Aliyu MH. Patterns and predictors of cigarette smoking among HIV-infected patients in northern Nigeria. Int J STD AIDS. 2012 Dec;23(12):849-52.

7. Musa BM, Iliyasu Z, Yusuf SM, Uloko AE. Systematic review and metanalysis on community based interventions in tuberculosis care in developing countries. Niger J Med. 2014 Apr-Jun;23(2):103-17

8. Iliyasu Z, Abubakar IS, Abubakar S, Lawan UM, Gajida AU, Jibo AM. A survey of weight
perception and social desirability of obesity among adults in Kano metropolis, northern Nigeria.
Nigerian Journal of Medicine 2013; 22(2): 101- 108.

9. Zubairu Iliyasu., Isa S Abubakar., Mohammed Kabir., Muktar H Aliyu. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS and attitude towards Voluntary Counseling and Testing among Adults. Journal of National Medical Association 2006;98:1917–1922

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11. Kate Ramsey., Zubairu Iliyasu., Lucy Idoko. Fistula Fortnight: Innovative partnership brings mass treatment and public awareness towards ending obstetric fistula. International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2007; 99: S130–S136

12. Hadiza S Galadanci, Zubairu Iliyasu, Jamilu Tukur, Mariya Muktar-Yola, and Solomon I Adeleke. Uptake of voluntary counselling and testing for HIV by pregnant women in a prevention-of-mother-to-child-transmission programme at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano, Nigeria. African Journal of AIDS Research 2008;7(1):2-6.

13. Zubairu Iliyasu and Musa Babashani. Prevalence and predictors of tuberculosis co-infection
among HIV sero-positive patients attending the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital. Journal of
Epidemiology 2009 Mar 6;21(4):26-32.

14. Zubairu Iliyasu, Isa S Abubakar, Mohammed Kabir, Musa Babashani, Faisal Shuaib, Muktar H Aliyu. Correlates of fertility intentions of PLWHA in northern Nigeria. African Journal of
Reproductive Health 2009;13(3):13-17.

15. Zubairu Iliyasu, Isa S Abubakar, Hadiza S Galadanci and Muktar H Aliyu. Birth preparedness, complication readiness and fathers’ participation in maternity care in a northern Nigerian community. African Journal of Reproductive Health 2010; 14(1): 21-32

16. MH Aliyu, P Varkey, HM Salihu, Z Iliyasu and IS Abubakar. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nigeria: progress, problems and prospects. African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 2010;39:233- 239

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18. Zubairu Iliyasu, Isa S. Abubakar, Muktar H. Aliyu, Hadiza S. Galadanci, Hamisu M. Salihu.
Prevalence and correlates of gender-based violence among female university students in Northern
Nigeria. African Journal of Reproductive Health 2011;15(3):123-133

19. Zubairu Iliyasu, Isa S Abubakar, Musa Babashani, and Hadiza S Galadanci. Domestic Violence among women living with HIV/AIDS in Kano, northern Nigeria. African Journal of Reproductive Health 2011;15(3):43-53

20. Zubairu Iliyasu, Isa S Abubakar, Hadiza S Galadanci and Muktar H Aliyu. Sexual and
reproductive health communication between mothers and their adolescent daughters in northern
Nigeria. Healthcare for Women International. 2012; 33:138–152.

PhD Supervisors

• Padam Simkhada
• Jenny Owen

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