Dr Corinne Owers  MB/ChB, PGCertMedEd, MRCSCorinne Owers

Postgraduate Research Student

School of Health and Related Research
Regent Court
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA

ScHARR section: Public Health

Email: mda01ceo@sheffield.ac.uk      corinneowers@doctors.org.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 788 417 6416

Fax: +44 (0) 114 272 4095

Title of Research

Does pre-operative group education improve the psychological and physical outcomes of patients undergoing bariatric surgery?


I qualified as a doctor from the University of Sheffield in 2006, and have been training in surgery since then. I am currently a registrar in General Surgery with the aim of becoming an upper GI/ Bariatric surgeon on completion of m training. I have taken time out of my surgical training programme in order to complete a PhD at ScHARR, studying bariatric (weight loss surgery) and it’s effects on patients.

Research Interests

I have a significant interest in the fields of upper GI and bariatric surgery. Upper GI encompasses a wide range of subjects, both benign and malignant (cancer), providing many research opportunities. Bariatric surgery is still a relatively new area, which the medical profession are still trying to understand. My PhD was designed after speaking to many previous patients and noticing that many of them did not feel they received enough support or preparation prior to surgery. I aim to find ways to fulfil this need, as well as attempt to bridge the gap between surgeons and psychologists. I am therefore working very closely with the psychologists at Sheffield teaching hospitals in order to accomplish this goal.

My project looks in depth at the preparation patients undergo before bariatric surgery and how this impacts upon their health related quality of life. The study involves 3 stages: firstly, it involves a feasibility study to assess if an RCT involving a pre-operative educational course is possible. The second stage is to perform qualitative interviews to better understand how bariatric surgery has impacted upon patients quality of life, and this information will be used to design a course for use in the RCT. Finally, the RCT will be run as a pilot study assessing if patients undergoing an educational preparation course prior to surgery would be beneficial.

Teaching Interests

I have a post-graduate diploma in Medical Education, achieved from The University of Dundee in 2013, and am working on my Masters dissertation project. I feel that it is important for all doctors to be able to teach their colleagues, juniors and patients, and have always had a passion for teaching (wanting to be one until I was 15!). Therefore I hope to continue this line of work, as well as completing my research degree.

Key Publications

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January 2014-08-11, ISBN-10: 1496010310, ISBN-13: 978- 1496010315 Available on Amazon.com

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