Philippa Fibert BEd (Hons, Cantab), BSc, MSc

Philippa Fibert

School of Health and Related Research
University of Sheffield
Regent Court
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA


Tel: +44 (0)7543 345 046


After studying English and Education at Cambridge University I worked with children with special needs as a teacher and parent educator. I then came across a treatment method that seemed more helpful for these children than anything we provided, however few think it can work. Motivated to improve outcomes for this population, I embarked on research into this area: a B.Sc in Homeopathy at Thames Valley University, where I conducted a literature review of the trials of Homeopathy for ADHD; then a research M.Sc at Goldsmiths University, conducting a comparative consecutive case series examining the effectiveness of this treatment for children with ADHD, funded by Turners Court Youth Trust (an ex-borstal supporting crime prevention measures) and the Homeopathic Research Institute .

My PhD at ScHARR explores the feasibility of the cmRCT trial design to provide information for decision makers (e.g patients, parents, teachers, doctors) about the clinical and cost effectiveness of complex interventions for children with behavioural disorders.

Research Interests

  • Improving outcomes for children with behavioural disorders
  • Trialling complex interventions
  • Pragmatic trial design
  • Holistic treatments

Current Projects.

I am using a 'cmRCT' design to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of two holistic treatments for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children receive either 'treatment as usual' (TAU); adjunctive treatment by homeopaths; or adjunctive treatment by nutritional therapists. The trial is up and running and currently recruiting children aged 5-18 years old from in and round Sheffield. To enrol, parents/carers fill in a short questionnaire: More information can also be found at
UMRS143647. ISRCTN17723526.


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Fibert, P., Relton, C., Heirs, M., Bowden, D. (2015) (accepted). A comparative consecutive case series of 20 children with a diagnosis of ADHD receiving homeopathic treatment, compared with 10 children receiving usual care. Homeopathy.

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