Systematic review: evidence for interventions to improve contact tracing for tuberculosis (TB) in specific groups

What are the aims of this project?

To search for and summarise published research, in order to understand what types of approaches may be best to use when tracing the contacts of people who have TB. We are particularly examining approaches which are effective in groups of people who may be described as hard to reach, or other particular groups. Why is this important?
TB is an infectious disease and it is important that people who might have been infected are screened and receive treatment if required.

How will the research be carried out?

We are carrying out a systematic search of published and unpublished research studies.


October 2015 to June 2016

Who is undertaking the research?

The study is being carried out within the NIHR Evidence Synthesis Centre portfolio of work, by a team in ScHARR led by Professor Goyder and Dr Andrew Booth

How are stakeholders being engaged?

We have sought input from stakeholders during development of the review protocol. We are currently seeking input by topic experts in the field, in response to a mapping exercise which has been recently completed. Further involvement will be sought throughout later stages of the project.

What will be the outputs from the study?

The work will be written up in the form of a report for the National Institute for Health Research. We anticipate that the work will lead to a published paper and presentations.