Dr Evangelos Kritsotakis BSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA

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ORCiD: 0000-0002-9526-3852


I am an applied statistician and epidemiologist with research interest in healthcare epidemiology. My first degree was in Mathematics (University of Crete) followed by a Masters degree in Statistics and Operational Research (University of Essex). I then underwent training in Applied Epidemiology at the Rollins School of Public Health in Emory University and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I earned my PhD degree from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Crete in 2007.

My research work includes interdisciplinary projects with infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, microbiologists and infection control clinicians and nurses. My focus has been on statistical and epidemiological principles and methods to evaluate and improve the delivery of hospital care, including infection control practices, antibiotic use and control of the transmission of multidrug-resistant pathogens. In recognition of my research contribution, I have been awarded with the William Jarvis Award by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America in 2009. 

I joined ScHARR in June 2014 as a Lecturer in Epidemiology & Medical Statistics. Prior to this I was as a Research Associate (2007-8) and Research Fellow (2010-11) in Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Honorary Lecturer in Biostatistics (2012-14) at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Crete. I have also served as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Statistics (2007-13) and Adjunct Lecturer in Statistics & Financial Mathematics (2001-7) at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete.


In my current teaching activities,

Recent masters’ project:

  • Simon Appleton (2017 – ongoing). A multi-state competing risks analysis of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma survival. MSc Statistics with Medical Applications,
  • Guillermo Castilla Fernandez (2016). Survival analysis for recurrent events: an application in hospital epidemiology. MSc Statistics with Medical Applications.
  • Aisha Idris (2016). HIV/AIDS-related stigma and treatment adherence in female HIV patients: a cross-sectional survey in northern Nigeria. Master of Public Health.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on the following:

  • Design of sample surveys and analytic observational studies (cohort, case-control, cross-sectional) to investigate the epidemiology of infectious diseases and estimate their burden and impact on patient or community populations.
  • Statistical methods to perform case-mix adjusted comparisons of infection rates and related outcomes and benchmark infection control performance between institutions or across regions or countries.
  • Development of systematic surveillance systems to measure and monitor antimicrobial use and resistance based on routinely collected data from hospital pharmacies and microbiology labs.
  • Study designs and statistical methods to investigate the relationship between antibiotic use and the emergence/spread of antimicrobial resistance and their impact in hospitalized patients.

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising research students with a clinical (medicine, nursing, pharmacy) or biomedical background who are keen on doing primary quantitative research in clinical epidemiology in hospital or community settings. Topics of special interest include healthcare-associated infections, antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance.

Students with a strong quantitative background (such as statistics, mathematics or economics) who are interested on doing secondary and/or methodological research in health care epidemiology are very welcome. Topics of special interest include methods to assess and adjust for case-mix when comparing patient outcomes or process indicators, utilization of summary confounder scores in observational studies, optimal use of sampling schemes in cohort and case-control studies, and application of statistical modelling for recurrent events in hospital epidemiology.

Professional Activities

Key Publications

  • Samuelson C, Kaur H, Kritsotakis EI, Goode SD, Nield A, Partridge D. A daily topical decontamination regimen reduces catheter-related bloodstream infections in haematology patients. Journal of Infection 2017; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jinf.2017.10.014
  • Kritsotakis EI, Kontopidou F, Astrinaki E, Roumbelaki M, Ioannidou E, Gikas A. Prevalence, incidence burden, and clinical impact of healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial resistance: a national prevalent cohort study in acute care hospitals in Greece. Infection and Drug Resistance 2017:10 317–328. https://doi.org/10.2147/IDR.S147459
  • Tsioutis C, Kritsotakis EI, Karageorgos SA, Stratakou S, Psarologakis C, Kokkini S, Gikas A. Clinical epidemiology, treatment and prognostic factors of extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill patients. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 2016 Nov;48(5):492-497. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijantimicag.2016.07.007
  • Kritsotakis EI, Tsioutis C, Roumbelaki M, Christidou A, Gikas A.  Antibiotic use and the risk of carbapanem-resistant extended-spectrum-B-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae infection in hospitalized patients: results of a double case-control study.  Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy  2011; 66(6):1383-91. DOI: 10.1093/jac/dkr116
  • Gikas A, Roumbelaki M, Bagatzouni-Pieridou D, Alexandrou M, Zinieri V, Dimitriadis I, Kritsotakis EI.  Device-associated infections in the intensive care units of Cyprus: results of the first national incidence study. Infection 2010; 38(3): 165-171. DOI: 10.1007/s15010-010-0007-2
  • Kritsotakis EI, Christidou A, Roumbelaki M, Tselentis Y, Gikas A.  The dynamic relationship between antibiotic use and the incidence of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus: time-series modelling of 7-year surveillance data in a tertiary-care hospital. Clinical Microbiology and Infection 2008; 14(8): 747-754. DOI:10.1111/j.1469-0691.2008.02026.x
  • Kritsotakis EI, Dimitriadis I, Roumbelaki M, Vounou E, Kontou M, Papakyriakou P, Koliou-Mazeri M, Varthalitis I, Vrouchos G, Troulakis G, Gikas A.  Case-mix adjustment approach to benchmarking prevalence rates of nosocomial infection in hospitals in Cyprus and Greece. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 2008; 29(8):685-692. DOI: 10.1086/588704
  • Kritsotakis EI and Gikas A.  Surveillance of antibiotic use in hospitals: methods, trends and targets.  Clinical Microbiology and Infection 2006; 12:701-704. DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-0691.2006.01415.x

For a full list of my publications, please visit my google scholar page or my research gate page.