Study Administrator for the NOSH Project


School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
University of Sheffield
Regent Court, 30 Regent Street
Sheffield S1 4DA

Tel: (+44) (0)114 2220763
Fax: (+44) (0)114 222 0749

email :k.mackellar@sheffield.ac.uk

I am currently working part time as Study Administrator on the NOurshing Start to Health (NOSH) Scheme.

The NOSH Scheme offers vouchers to mums who breastfeed as a way of acknowledging both the value of breastfeeding to babies, mums and society, and the effort involved in breastfeeding.

My role involves visiting participating sites and providing updated information to the health care professionals of the schemes uptake in their areas.

I am responsible for the line management of the administration team and I manage the purchase of the vouchers and ensure stock levels are maintained.

Assisting the Principal Investigator and Project Study Manager in the preparation and submission of research bids, including providing help with costings, preparation of on-line grant application forms, completing the University URMS forms, and checking and locating reference information.

Responsible for the monthly recruitment data uploads to UKCRN.

Support the overall efficient day-to-day management of the study, working closely with the Principal Investigator, Project Study Manager and other members of the NOSH study team.

I contribute to the resource and budget planning and assist in the management of the study budget by maintaining a finance overview, producing summary budget reports for the Principal Investigator and Project Study Manager and liaising with ScHARR and central University finance staff.

I also work as Research Project Officer within the Information School on the FashionBrain European Project.

The FashionBrain project aims at combining data from different sources to support different fashion industry players by predicting upcoming fashion trends from social media as well as by providing personalized recommendations and advanced fashion item search to customers.