Dr Andrew Lee Publications

Publication List

Lee AC, Maheswaran R.
The health benefits of urban green space: A review of the evidence.
J Public Health
2010 September (epub)

Lee A.
Coalition plans for English NHS: A recipe for disaster?
(letter) BMJ
2010 341:c4182

Lee A.
Humanitarian disaster response
(letter) Lancet
2010 375 (9718):891-2

Siddiqi K, Lee ACK.
An integrated approach to treat tobacco addiction in countries with high tuberculosis incidence.
Tropical Medicine and International Health
2009 14(4):1-9

Local Perspectives on humanitarian aid in Sri Lanka after the tsunami.
Public Health
2008 122(12: 1410-1417

Review: The tsunami and the dangers of goodwill.
2005 330:261


Lee ACK.
Real-time evaluation of Medair's 'Tsunami Emergency Response' Programme in Sri Lanka.
Tsunami evaluation Coalition Single Agency Evaluations
2005 August