Jo Cooke's Publications

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Hayter M, Owen J, and Cooke J. 
Developing and establishing school based sexual health services: issues for school nursing practice
Journal of School Nursing.
(In press).

Tod A, Lusambili A, Homer C, Abbot J, Cooke J, McDaid K.
Understanding factors influencing vulnerable older people keeping warm and well in winter: a qualitative study using social marketing techniques.  BMJ open 2012 2(4)  

Jones R, Everson-Hock E S, Papaioannou D, Guillaume L, Goyder E, Chilcott, Cooke J, Payne N, Duenas A, Sheppard L M and Swann C.  
Factors associated with outcomes for looked-after children and young people: a correlates review of the literature
Child health care and development. 
24 Mar 2011. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365.2214.2011.01226.

Everson-Hock E S, Jones R, Guillaume L, Clapton J, Duenas A, Goyder E, Chilcott J, Cooke J, Payne N, Sheppard L M, Swann C. 
Supporting the transition of looked-after young people to independent living: a systematic review of interventions and adult outcomes.
Child: Care, Health and Developent.
(2011) 37 (6), 767-779. 

Lusambili A, Tod A, Homer C, Abbott J, McDaid K, Cooke J.
Keeping Warm: Social Connectedness and Technology
International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society. 
(2010) 1(3)

Jones G L, Morrell C J, Cooke J, Speier D, anumba D, Stewart-Brown S.
The development of two postnatal health instruments: one for mothers (M-PHI) and one for fathers (F-PHI) to measure health during the first year of parenting.  
Quality of Life Research.
(2011) 20, 1011-1022.

Owen J, Carroll C, Cooke J, Formby E, Hayter M, Hirst J, Lloyd Jones M, Stapleton H, Stevenson H and Sutton A.  
School-linked sexual health services for young people (SSHYP): a survey and sytsematic review concerning current models, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and research opportunities.  
Health Technology Assessment Monograph.  2010. 14(30):1-256

Chambers E, Clarke A, Cooke J
Patient and Public Involvement in Research in the Community. 
Journal of Community Nursing. 
(2009) July 23 (7): 10-14.

Sarre G and Cooke J
Developing indicators for measuring Research Capacity Development in primary care organisations: A consensus approach using a Nominal Group Technique. 
Health and Social Care in the Community. 
(2009) 17(3) 244-253.

Cooke J, Nancarrow S, Dyas J, Williams M. 
An evaluation of the 'Designated Research Team' approach to building research capacity in primary care.  BMC Family Practice. 2008. 9:37

Cooke J, Bacigalupo B, Halladay L, Norwood H. 
Research use and support needs, and research activity in social care: a cross sectional survey in two councils with social services responsibilities in the UK.
Health and Social Care in the Community.
(2008) 16(5) 538-547.    

 Pickstone C, Nancarrow S, Cooke J, Vernon W, Mountain G, Boyce A, Campbell J. 
Building research capacity in the allied health professions

Evidence and Policy.
(2008) 4(1) 75-91.  

Cooke J, Middlemass J, Sarre G. 
Research Capacity Building in Health Care.
Professional Persepctives in Health Care.  Wilkinson C (Eds). London: Palgrave. (2007)

Cooke J, Mathers N and Mitchelle C. 
Reciprocity and paying attention to process: an important issue for the UK Clinical Research Network in primary care
Primary Care Research and Development. 
(2007) 8. 292-296.

Doel M, Carroll C, Chambers E, Cooke J, Hollows A, Laurie L, Maskrey N, Nancarrow S. 
Participation:  Finding out what difference it makes. A resource guide.  2007 SCIE 

Gerrish K, Ashworth P, Lacey A, Bailey J, Cooke J, Kendall S, McNeilly E.
Factors influencing the development of evidence-based practice: a research tool.
Journal of 'Advanced Nursing
(2007) 57 (3), 328-338.

Cooke J, Owen J.
'A place of our own?' Teenage parents' views on housing needs and support models
Children and Society.
(2007) 21.56-68.

Cooke J, Booth A, Nancarrow S, Wilkinson A, Askew D. 
Re:Cap - A scoping review to identify the evidence-base for Research Capacity development in health and social care
Trent Research and Development Support Unit, University of Sheffield. 
(2006) (Report to the NCC RCD Department of Health).

Freeman J, Cole T J, Wales J K H, Cooke J.
Monitoring infant weight gain: advice for practitioners.
Community Practitioner
(2006) 79(5) 149-151

Carrol C, Cooke J, Booth A, Beverley C.
Bridging the gap: the development of knowledge briefings at the health and social care interface.
Health and Social Care in the Community
(2006) 14(6), 491-498

Cooke J, Nancarrow S, Hammersley V, Farndon L, Vernon W.
The "Designated Research Team" approach to building research capacity in primary care. 
Primary Care Research and Development. 
(2006) 7(1), 78-86. 

 Bacigalupo R, Cooke J, Hawley M.
Research activity, interest and skills in a health and social care setting: a snapshot of a primary care trust in Northern Ireland.
Primary Care Research and Development
(2006) 7(1), 68-77.

Cooke J.
A framework to evaluate research capacity building in health care.
BMC Family Practice.
(2005) 6:44.

Martin D, Sweeney J, Cooke J.
Views of teenage parents on their support housing needs.
Community Practitioner
(2005) 78(11):392-396

White C, Booth A, Cooke J, Addison F.
SCISTER act: delivering training in information skills for social-care professionals.
Health Information and Libraries Journal.
(2005) March vol. 22 no 1, pp.54-62.

Owen J and Cooke J.
Developing research capacity and collaboration in primary care and social care: is there enough common ground?
Qualitative Social Work.
(2004) 3 (4) 398-410

Monaghan V, Cooke J.
The Health and Social Care Interface
Exploiting Information in Health Services.
Walton G & Booth A (Eds) London: Facet

Bryar R M, Closs J, Baum G, Cooke J, Griffiths J, Hostick T, Knight S, Marshall K, Thompson D R.
The Yorkshire BARRIERS project: diagnostic analysis of barriers to research utilisation.
International Journal of Nursing Studies
(2003) 40: 73-84

Cooke J.
The Traffic Light Lessons: A Team Based Participatory Approach to Practice Development.
Practice Development in Community Nursing.
Griffiths J, Bryar R. (Eds) London: Edward Arnold.

Nolan M, Cooke J.
Using Research in Gerontology.
Researching Ageing and Later Life.
Victor C, Jamieson A. (Eds) Buckingham: Open University Press.

Cooke J, Owen J, Wilson A.
Reseach and Development at the Health and Social Care Interface in Primary Care: A Scoping Exercise in one NHS Region
Journal of Health and Social Care in the Community.
(2002) 10(6), 435-444.

Griffiths J M, Bryar R M, Closs S J, Cooke J, Hostick T, Kelly S, Marshall K.
Barriers to research implementation in community nursing.
British Journal of Community Nursing.
(2001) 6(10) 501-510.

Peters J, Hutchinson A, MacKinnon M, McIntosh A, Cooke J, Jones R.
What role do nurses play in Type 2 diabetes care in the community: A Delphi study.
Journal of Advanced Nursing
(2001) 34 (2) 179-188

Book Chapters

Cooke J, Middlemass J and Sarre G.
Research Capacity Building in Health Care in Professional Perspectives in Health Care.
Wilkinson C (Eds) London: Palrave
(In Press)

Monaghan V, Cooke J.
The Health and Social Care Interface in Exploiting Information in Health Services
Walton G and Booth A (Eds) London: Facet

Cooke J.
The traffic Light Lessons: A Team Based Participatory Approach to Practice Development.
In Practice Development in Community Nursing.
(2003) Griffiths J and Bryar R (Eds) London: Edward Arnold

Nolan M, Cooke J.
Using Research in Gerontology in Researching Ageing and Later Life.
Victor C and Jamieson A (Eds) Buckingham: Open University Press.